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Going to a WBSC Premier12 2019 Baseball game in Tokyo: USA v Japan

Join Mac, a diehard Tokyo Yakult Swallows fan, and the incredible Samurai Japan supporters at the Tokyo Dome for Japan’s biggest challenge in the WBSC Premier12 2019 so far as they take on the USA!

Mac takes you on a journey through the extensive merchandising and then into the stadium to truly be a part of the incredible fan atmosphere which is what makes Japanese Baseball a must-experience… err… experience!

The 2019 WBSC Premier12 is an international baseball championship featuring the 12 highest-ranked national teams in the world and is being held from November 2 to 17, 2019, in Mexico, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan. Six teams – Australia, Chinese Taipei, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, and the United States – have advanced from the First Round to the Super Round.

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