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USA: Vigilante group to patrol NYC"s Jewish neighbourhoods amid antisemitic attacks

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Members of the private, unarmed crime-prevention group Guardian Angels have vowed to patrol Jewish neighbourhoods in New York City amid antisemitic attacks, as seen in footage from Sunday following a knife attack in a New York suburb.

“Right now, this is an epidemic in our New Jersey, New York area. How can it get any worse than this? And it’s getting worse every day,” said Guardian Angels co-founder Curtis Sliwa. “All they do is, ‘This is… We’re not going to tolerate it.’ You’re not going to tolerate it? You’re not only locking them up but you’re realising them, no bail, back into the streets. Who did that? Cuomo, de Blasio, the Democrats in charge of the state legislature in Albany. This is a shanda. This is a pox on all of them because we all warned them this would happen not just to Jews but to gentiles.”

Sliwa added, “We’re a proactive group, we’re not just eyes and ears, we’ll get physical. We will do physical interventions, we will do citizen’s arrests and we’ll follow it through the criminal justice system.”

Five people were taken to a hospital following an attack in the New York suburb of Monsey on Saturday night, with two of them believed to be in critical condition. While the investigation is ongoing, police have arrested a suspect whose car was photographed leaving the scene by a witness, and who was reportedly covered in the victims’ blood when apprehended.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) reported eight anti-Semitic attacks committed against Jews in Brooklyn last week alone.

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